Aboriginal Culture

Immerse yourself in the spiritual Ngauwudu.

The Mitchell Plateau region has been home to the Wunambal people since the “Dreaming.” For thousands of years the Wunambal people have hunted in the seas and estuaries of this region for barramundi, snapper and crocodile. Their culture and traditions are strongly tied to the Kimberley landscape. In fact, the Wunambal people gave the name “Ngauwudu” to the spectacular Mitchell Plateau.

Their connection to the land is demonstrated in painted images of creator beings, ancestors, plants and animals in a number of rock shelter and cave sites. These sites now represent a stunning visual record of an ongoing Aboriginal painting tradition that is considered one of the longest and most complex ‘rock art’ sequences anywhere in the world.

Descendants of the Wunambal people live in a small community on the Mitchell Plateau. Kandiwal Aboriginal Community is home to around 30 locals and is situated a few kilometres from the Ngauwudu Safari Camp. Outback Spirit recognises the importance of the Kandiwal community and the long term sustainability of its people.

A number of community members are employed to assist in operating the safari camp and also as Indigenous tour guides. Having Traditional Owners educate the visitors to this region is priceless. Their intimate knowledge of the landscape and seasons, and their dreamtime stories make for a fascinating and enlightening cultural experience.